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She has tremendous ego and hate in her heart.

America shouted loud and clear that it did not want an insider, a fat cat politician or a pundit. The insiders, the politicians and the pundits didn't listen, So America went to the polls. Result, President Trump. An Idiot.

too bad for the dems that she didn't speek like this during the camp[aign.
wow hillary actually seemed human in this speech. she might have won if she spoke this way during the elections.
But that's not HER. She is the cackling screeching devil we heard time and again. She is that corrupt hack that bypassed government email so she could hide her communications with donors to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. THAT is how she is.
no, she wouldn't. 70% of the south is anti whatever the Hillary stood for. Mixed marriages, lazy negroes, gay propaganda, jews and muslims, middle east, criminal element from Mexico. I can't stand that shit anymore. We need factories and jobs. We don't need a war with Putin, which is what that bitch was trying to start. I could give a fuck about Palestinians and jews, muslims in Syria. They could all disappear for all I care. They refuse to blend in anyways. America used to be a place where the bad guys were bad guys in real life. IN most movies today, the bad guys are good and good guys are bad. All the main characters are preaching destruction of family.

What a pathetic clown-show! Clinton and Kane lost because they represent nothing but the banking/corporate/military elite that has ruined the country over the last few decades and destroyed the working middle-class. They got what they deserved. Unfortunately, Trump is a very dangerous character, a real bigot and racist, and he will do even greater harm that she would have done.

Wow the Tim Kaine speech was terrible. No wonder these people lost to Trump.
She has tremendous hate in her heart..

her and her vice president both in this speech. they said that america isn't ready for a woman president and that's why she lost.
Why does having a woman President matter? Women are simply human beings, just as capable of corruption, dishonesty and general unpleasantness as any man. Just look at who's making this speech.

Absolutely distraught that someone as well-equipped and intelligent as her managed to lose to someone as sexist, racist, homophobic and a misogynist like Donald Trump. I'll admit she has her flaws and she has done some shady things in the past, but none comparable to how blatantly and outrightly Donald boasts about his misdeeds. I'm praying for America.

New Pledge of Allegiance : I pledge allegiance to the Trump wall of the United States of America, and Donald Trump, our supreme leader, for which it stands. One nation under an orange, divided, with no freedom and racism for all.
Personally Hillary always strikes me as being insincere, secretive and ultimately dishonest.
This speech could've and should've been 5 seconds long. "I am so sorry" is all you needed to say for losing against the easiest opponent. You ruined this country. You ruined this world, Hillary. Good job you criminal. Please stay home now and don't even think about running again in 2020. And no, I'm not saying this because she's a woman. If it was someone like Elizabeth Warren, I'm pretty sure she would've won. GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU OPPORTUNIST PIECE OF SHIT HILLARY.