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I Wrote the Best Letter Ever.

Hi Nickelodian,

I have a good connection to JET Los Angeles.
JET is currently active in promoting and funding Asian theme films, Anime and Manga for Western countries.
Do you think you can obtain the "Letter of Intent" of producing a movie out of my script from Christ?
If you can, I can negotiate with JET with a very strong hand for the funding.
All I need is the Christ's signature and the amount of the budget of the movie.
If Christ's signature is difficult, Susanne's letter of intent and her signature is great enough.
Please consider this well and in a timely manner you bring up this subject to Christ.
Or if you could meet Susanne, you can directly ask her about her intention of making this movie.
If we get OK from Christ or Susanne, it's so easy to talk JET into the funding. The chances are 50/50 funding between JET and Europa.
I even can talk to Fazzio TV for the distribution right to Asia.

The most important step we should take is we get a written consent of INTENT from Christ or Susanne.
We talk more about this later this week.
Let's have fun for this project.

Good luck!